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Video Description: Being new at the job, Remy Lacroix is extremely nervous as she is on her way to massage a very important client named Abigail Mac. Already late, Remy get's off the phone , runs into the house and to her surprise, Abigail is already waiting for her . Introducing one another, Remy prepares her massage table outside with the perfect canyon view. During the time Remy was preparing for her client, Abigail sneaks up to Remy, pinching her butt cheek. Abigail begins to remove her clothing, but insists on Remy's help to undress. As Remy begins to massage Abigail's naked body, she compliments Remy on her massaging skills and beauty. Remy has Abigail flip over on her back where she focuses on her chest, creating a heated situation. Remy massages Abigail's huge breast,slightly pinching on her nipples. Not being able to hold back her desires, Abigail whispers to Remy she couldn't take it anymore and wanted her right now.

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I have to say Abigail & Remy are amazing it would great to see more of there two together great chemistry
2019-11-09 20:09
Please shoot Abigail and Remy together again! Actually a series of them would be great. My two favorite ladies-they are so amazing!!!
2015-11-19 15:03
This scene is so hot. I must confess I joined AGM because I found a very condensed version of this scene online and had to see all of it. I was so intrigued. I love Abigail and Remy on their own but together they ignite the screen. Get these girls together again soon. You can tell they are really attracted to each other and that makes the scene so arousing. As a lesbian, this really did it for me. Beautiful. Remy and Abby, I think I'm in love.
2015-11-03 22:05
abigail and remy just wow
2015-10-31 02:53
that is some hot girl on girl action
2015-10-10 20:49