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Video Description: When Elsa Jean goes to the spa for cellulite treatment, masseuse Chloe Cherry doesn't understand why Elsa is so insecure. Her client has a perfect body. Since Chloe can't remove cellulite that isn't there, at least she can try to change Elsa's negative body image. Chloe takes a few photos of Elsa's body before the treatment for comparison. The tiny blonde is painfully shy when she peels off her black lingerie.

She lies down on her tummy and Chloe applies an anti-cellulite lotion. Then she passes a vibrating plate over her body. Timid Elsa is shaking like a leaf, even worse than the vibrating massager, so to soothe the girl's nerves, Chloe applies it to her pussy. Elsa convulses with pleasure for a moment, then reverts back to being shy. She tells Chloe she doesn't think she has cellulite there.

Chloe suggests they begin the massage portion of the treatment. She gushes over the perfection of Elsa's butt while she rubs it with oil. She compliments her tight thighs then asks Elsa to turn over. She applies oil to her small perky boobs and flawless tummy, then casually asks her to open her legs. Chloe inspects her perfect little pussy and fondles it with her fingers, promising it's included in the treatment.

Elsa admits it feels good and soon she can't help but moan from the friction. Chloe tells Elsa she's beautiful while making her cum. Then Chloe gets naked and licks Elsa's pussy, planting her mouth on her clit till she cums again.

Chloe lowers her pussy onto Elsa's wet slit, and the sensation makes Elsa groan. Chloe tribs her until both lesbians cry out orgasming. Then Chloe sits on Elsa's face and rides her tongue, boosting her confidence by cumming in her mouth!

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Really fun scene. Thanks
2019-07-24 22:51
a simple statement of you will need to come back tomorrow for another treatment at the end would have compleated the fantacy, just saying.
2019-02-27 03:00
Nice premise, but poor casting. Are we to believe a chick with so many tats and a piercing on her lower back is this shy? Anyway chloe is hott more of her as masseuse please!
2017-05-09 20:06
This is a ridiculous and outdated statement. Tattoos, piercings, and all other sorts of body modification have no bearing on a person's relative shyness, in general or in sexual matters.
2017-08-07 17:57
Chloe's beautiful curves look so sexy hot!!! Too bad we had to wait 2/3 of the scene to see them.
2017-05-08 05:08