BTS-A Wife's Affair: Part One by Carmen Caliente

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Abigail Mac was telling it like it is about race and what is actually thought in the US. I loved this behind the scenes.
2015-06-02 07:46
Yes, actually, it was. What was that about Carmen and Vanessa? Anyway, a couple of times I did get a bit dizzy from some of the camera movement, but this was a lot of fun. Especially when Vanessa lowers her top, or when she hovers over the camera, I thought this was what I hope STL does more of...
2015-02-24 12:09
If there is a sequel and/or a prequel to A Wife's Affair, Carmen Caliente need to do the BTS. She was great. Much better hearing her voice. She was funny and the girls seem to have fun w/ her.. Great job
2015-02-24 11:39
Stills By Alan
what did you guys think of us bringing Carmen Calliente To shoot the BTS for this scene? was it cool seeing a model interact with the other models instead of a camera person?
2015-02-20 21:06