And Roomie Makes Three

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Video Description: Lisey Sweet returns home, stiff from a day out. She calls out to her roommate Liv Revamped to announce she's home, but gets noresponse. She walks to Liv's bedroom and is about to call out in greeting, letting her know that she's home early, but jolts back withsurprise once she reaches the doorway and looks in. Liv is in her panties and bra on the bed massaging a naked girl, Kat Monroe.

Liv gasps with surprise, explaining that Kat is a classmate from her massage course and that they're practicing techniques. They'requick to see that Lisey seems to be injured and offer to give her a massage to help her out. Although she's a bit hesitant, sheeventually gives in.

While being sensually massaged from head to toe, Lisey is completely blind to the fact she's getting checked out by Liv and Kat,both out and proud lesbians. As they tease and flirt with one another, Lisey is oblivious, though almost catches them in the act onceor twice. However, it doesn't take her too much longer to realize what's going on when Liv and Kat work together to try and seduceher.

Lisey tries to reject their advances, but is hot and bothered from the sensual massage. When Liv playfully comments on how she'sseen the way Lisey looks at her, Lisey knows she's been had. She soon lays back, allowing the massage to be taken to the next level-- as long as they don't tell anyone!

Things turn into a fiery threesome as the girls happily go down on each other. They eagerly lick each other's breasts and pussies,savoring the taste. When they can barely hold out any longer, they grind their bodies close, tribbing each other until each and everygirl comes undone. Having a lesbian roommate training to be a masseuse definitely has its perks!

Nice! One of the very few 3-girl scenes I've seen on this site that didn't turn into a really dumb "who can yell 'oh fuck' the loudest?" contest.
2021-01-09 16:39
What Aussie Fan said!! Loved this!!
2021-01-08 12:57
Aussie Fan
I don't know about Lisey being stiff from a day out but I was fucking stiff watching this. Love Liv's sexy as ass that looks hot, Lisey was certainly spoilt by these two babes, poor Kat seemed to get the least eaten out, but what she got she loved.
I'm loving this move away from the normal massage rooms into a bedroom, it gives a lot more diverse opportunities.
Thankyou Ladies I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2019-02-17 05:06
It doesn't get any better or hotter than this. Thanks and praise for everyone involved in this one for a truly first-rate production. P.S. Please, please give us more (many more) appearances by Lisey Sweet.
2019-02-14 01:03
one of the best scene ever here !!!
2019-02-12 21:12