An Educated Customer

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Video Description: Marie is a regular customer at the massage parlor for two reasons. They always help release the pain in her back and she loves the extra attention the hot girls there give her. She is very happy today to see that she that her appointment is with the sexy new masseuse Kimber. Kimber is a little shy at first, but Marie shows her how to properly rub her tits and massage her pussy to fully relax her. When Marie asked Kimber to lick her clit, Kimber spreads Marie's legs and really gets into it. She is new and really wants to please her first client. Kimber, as it turns out, is an expert at eating pussy so she has Marie screaming with pleasure in no time. Marie has such an intense orgasm all the pain in her back disappears and she is ready to return the favor. She pulls Kimber on top of her so they two can get into a hot 69 and she can eat Kimber's sweet pussy while feeling her amazing tits. Kimber is doing a very good job on her first client.

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1 comment

A real pleasure! I love Marie in all her acting, she is funny, understading ,chickish and above all she looks so good, her body, her cute breasts, her lovely legs. I wouldn't hesitate having a meal with her!
2014-07-25 09:46