Always Been So Proud

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Video Description: Gia Derza, a masseuse, shows Joanna Angel, her stepmom, around her new massage parlor. Gia offers to give Joanna a massage, wanting her to be her first client since she's always been supportive. Joanna is a bit shy at first, but Gia explains that she really wants to show her appreciation. Joanna is touched, and agrees to the massage. Once Joanna is ready, Gia begins the massage and is nothing but professional.

As Joanna becomes relaxed throughout the massage, she starts to open up to Gia, becoming more emotional. She reveals how proud she is and also hints that she wishes she were more confident like Gia. Gia shares her admiration for Joanna while the massage gradually becomes more comforting in nature. Joanna is flustered.

Gia, finding Joanna's reactions endearing, becomes unexpectedly aroused. Overpowered by her strong feelings for Joanna, she makes the massage more sexual in nature. Joanna is surprised but caught up in the heat of the moment, enjoying herself. When Gia goes in for a happy ending to show her affection, Joanna happily accepts. They kiss, and eat each other's pussies, and even make good use of the massage oil. Looks like their bond has become stronger than ever!

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Aussie Fan
Thumbs up from me, that was very good. I've seen these two together a few times now and I love the way they passionately kiss and eat other out, they come across as being really into each other, there is a real connection, great sex ladies, even the tribbing was intense and just right. Thank you ladies I fucking well loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
PS good production and camera work.
2021-04-27 15:48
fun scene all in all. Great massage elements, which was nice to see. Gia and Joanna always have great chemistry, they genuinely are into each other, and that always comes through the camera. The massage oil along with squirt glistening on skin was super hot. The sex was a lot of fun to watch.
2021-04-26 22:38
i actually enjoyed the scene hard not to with these 2 but please please stop using this room for scenes or spend a whopping $100 for paint and decorations smh
2021-04-26 19:58
I simply don't get tribbing. I mean, it looks uncomfortable, well, maybe it's not, but it's still the worst position to get any hot angles.
2021-04-26 16:39
Depending on whose doing they actually do it in their personal life. Since it’s part of the lifestyle I like having it in scenes. Also the do find it hot.
2021-04-27 07:01
Terrible. Loud, annoying, grating – it’s a turn off here.

So, Adult Time – when is the noise getting cut again? When is the more realistic lesbian lovemaking coming again? It’s been days of drivel, loud faking porno nonsense. Do you have a SINGLE intimate, realistic, tender, authentic, non-performative, not a caricature of lovemaking lesbian scene coming up? And if so, just how long an insufferable wait is it going to be? And are we done with the Gia run for a while? Pretty please?


- oh look, more over-acting, sickly sweet, trite, and just grating.

- Gia, as usual, is loud and annoying, within the first minute.

- 01:23 “Yeah, you’re so good at it”, Gia says sickly sweet and over the top, jumping up and down in faux excitement. Gods this is terrible acting.

- 03:00 It is a burden to sit through this dialog.

- 03:40 Massage starts.

They both laugh and talk loudly through it, the laughing uncalled for and unneeded. Zero heat, sensuality, build-up of sexual tension, nothing. Boring, dry as a bone, loud and fake.

Highly enjoyed the brieffoot massage portion but you really botched the view, the first foot hidden by the other and then you went wide-angle for the second, both times missing the action. Then you cut to Joanna’s face as she’s doing it. Can’t win for trying.

Gia has her roll over and they laugh annoyingly, for no reason.

- 11:30 Massage over. 08:10 of massage time. An improvement over many recent efforts but damn was that massage not sexy. Very rote, passionless, was nothing erotic about it, and how they both approached it ruined any ability to enjoy it. They talked through it, laughed at odd times and the talk was generally nothing that was hot, sexy, a build up, nada. Now Gia kisses Joanna and I expect this scene to go 100% full off the rails with noise and fakery.

As expected Gia can’t be sensual, serious or realistic to save her life. She starts carrying on over the top, wiggling and shaking, crying and yelling at pretty much the first touch from Joanna. Meanwhile Joanna is moaning and carrying on near as loud though she’s not being touched at all.

Then they kiss and they moan even louder than before! LOL! Come on already, can someone, somewhere, stop performing and start making love for the camera instead?

Gia then twerks her ass nonsensically while eating Joanna’s pussy. And if you thought Joanna was loud eating pussy it’s nothing to the bizarre and nonstop sounds that Gia makes while eating Joanna’s pussy. Really ugly sounds, nothing attractive, fully fake and performative. Gods but she is not fit for this kind of lesbian film making – gonzo only for Gia please.

- 18:30 Joanna puts some more oil on Gia, Gia isn’t being touched, Gia moans in orgasmic bliss as though she just sat down on a Sybian. Laughable y’all. Does anyone thing the oil being drizzled on Gia actually caused her to orgasm?

- 20:23 Super high pitched shrill scream from Gia. I’m out. Can’t push through anymore of this. Nothing about this is attractive. It’s a huge turn off, the sounds and faking. And that super high pitched shrill shriek from Gia broke me. I’ll never enjoy seeing her cast here. Evil Angel she’s great, here, terrible.

Another day of poor uploads. Got days and days of them coming up yet. Cannot wait for summer time to get here.
2021-04-26 07:24
^ I just checked. You don’t. It’s all noise and faking. Wow. Adult Time, please, bring some more realistic lovemaking than all of this, as it all looks really poor, filled with faking, loud and over the top moaning, just looks like the same old same old: (super loud, noisy, fake, and Katie skips out often on mommy talk) (has promise but the musical score your purposefully turned up to cover up and mute the sound of the action) (has promise only because Lacy knows how to actually fuck and get her partners off, she does not phone in her efforts, though it does look loud and noisy again) (insufferably loud and fake) (insufferably loud and fake) (poor tribbing in the end of the trailer shows this will be another miss, likely loud and fake) (trailer is telling me it’ll be poorly acted, everything I’ve seen Alexia in, G/G wise, has been underwhelming. Zero hope for this) (insufferably loud and fake) (insufferably loud and fake)
2021-04-26 07:33
Thanks for review, saved me wasting my time watching it...
2021-04-26 08:46
Ditto, me too.
2021-04-26 09:56
Yeah, I don't know what happened with what this site used to be. For a girl-on-girl massage scene, I don't need a huge conversation during the massage for the sheer sake of plot progression. The basic plot formula for a girl-on-girl massage scene is this: one girl needs a massage, the other girl massages her... and it leads to naughty touching. Very little talking, just two girls getting into it with moaning and heavy breathing. All I really want to see is the masseuse spread the client's legs and start digging into her pussy, inner thighs, and play with her butthole. All of this with a camera shot directly behind so we can see a close-up of a girl's ass and pussy getting fondled and caressed by another girl's hands. It's really just that simple for me.

It's like the production crew on this site is hellbent on some huge elaborate plot that plays out on the massage table, which isn't only not needed, but it's as if the plot is half-assed and the girls aren't committed to engaging with the plot, and you can tell they're acting... which takes away from the intimacy of the massage scene.

I realize it's probably difficult these days because of the virus. But really, it's a simple formula for me to make an erotic massage scene, virus or no virus... even if the production crew is limited to the same production set for so many AGM scenes. But maybe the production crew isn't into this anymore? Almost like one production set is selected, several scenes are produced in a short amount of time on the set with little to no direction, everyone is simply going through the motions as if it were a chore instead of a passionate hobby, and there you have it... an 'X' number of scenes produced to satisfy the scheduled scene updates for the next couple months.

I dunno. I've been re-watching a lot of massage scenes from this site and other sites lately. The old scenes I've been watching don't even have a massage table, which is really the type of massage I imagine. A girl-on-girl massage in the bedroom on a bed, a massage in the living room on a sofa, on the floor with blankets, sleeping bags, pillows. A massage table isn't always needed, but I digress. Just brainstorming ideas out loud. But at some point soon, I plan on writing out a short piece (almost like a blog) about massage scenes that don't take place on the massage table. It'll basically be a fantasy essay describing the perfect scenario of a slumber party of girls who end up giving each other erotic oily butt massages, all laid out on the living room floor or bedroom setting. The essay will include screenshots from other massage scenes as examples of what the fantasy scene would look like.

Maybe I should just start up my own girl-on-girl erotic massage filmmaking production site or something. Hahaha.
2021-04-26 20:23