All In...My Ass

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Video Description: Charlie and Asa are playing poker. Suddenly, both get good cards. Betting is heated with a massage and butt plug added to the pot. Charlie wins! She gets the massage, pussy slurping, sensual caresses (it is a massage, after all), and erotic kisses. Hot. Asa gets the butt plug. In it goes. Fully. They end up in 69, sticking their tongues up each other's snatch. In truth, there are only winners today.

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I liked the premise, the two Girls playong Cards, then their agreeing to massage. The whole scene is so natural, so human. their arousal, their Peak is real, no doubt.NICE TO HEAR THEM TALK TOGETHER, EXCHENGING THEIR PLEASURE. SUCH ENJOYMENT!
2014-07-08 09:43