A Womens Touch

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Video Description: Madison Fox has been fighting with her boyfriend so she needed a woman's touch to help her relax. Aryana Augustine started slowly with her seductive massage treatment. She rubbed Madison's feet, trailing her finger tips up the brunette's legs. She seemed to be more interested in caressing Madison than giving her a massage. The masseuse rubbed oil onto her breasts then her hands traveled lower under the towel so she could see how aroused Madison was getting. Aryana undressed quickly then brought out a black vibrator and let it tickle Madison until it was pressed against her clit. She started to lick her clit while the dildo slid in and out of Madison's wet pussy. Aryana had her bend over so she could lick her asshole while she worked on an orgasm. Madison repaid the favor by eating Aryana's pussy before they parted ways.

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1 comment

Aryana Augustine, probably one of the most underrated ladies on the site, both of her scenes are very sensual..
2014-10-02 19:49
love it
2018-07-24 21:25