A Pain In The Ass

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Video Description: Dakota James needs physical therapy asap. Her ass and legs hurt from a crazy workout and has no idea what to do to make her pain go away. Dakota calls her friend Alli Rae, asking for any help she could get. Alli proposes a bolster massage, a new technique that focuses specifically on your ass and legs. Dakota's never heard of it but will try anything to ease her tender ass. When she arrives to her besties house, Allie asks Dakota to remove her clothing to avoid any oil spills. Rubbing her bubbly ass with warm coconut oil, Alli removes her clothes as well using the excuse that she didn't want to stain her clothes either.Dakota catches on quickly, confronting her friend this was all a trick to seduce her. Alli giggles with humility, knowing Dakota was kinda right. Even though Dakota and Alli were best friends, they both had deep secrets neither of them knew about, and it would all be divulged tonight opening a whole new world for both girls to explore each others sexual lesbian desires. Watch today and enjoy!

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Allie rae the best girl in this website plz more allie raae scenes she is too hot
2015-09-24 14:03
The ass massage could have been soo much MORE SEDUCTIVE and sexy. Both ladies where sexy. You've got at least 2 scenes with a bolster that are much better. Love the Ladies though..
2015-08-19 17:05
Old Banger
But those 2 scenes are exceptionally good.
2015-08-22 12:26
great ass massage no seduction, but still good tube socks are fine
2015-08-10 18:37
Old Banger
I think the socks were left on to celebrate the first weekend of new season EPL.
Looks like this was Chelsea v Man Utd or Liverpool v Everton.
Either way I'd call this one a draw. Both sides gave 100% in a spectacular even tussle. They scored well and both finished fully licked at full time.
2015-08-10 23:12
Great casting for this video. I think these two are among the most beautiful performers in the biz right now. Dakota has such a great ass! This whole scene would have been about 50% sexier if they had removed the tube socks. I'm seriously trying to understand—does anyone find tube socks sexy? I see them in a lot of teen-themed porn, so there must be some demand, but I just don't get it. Plus, I gravitate towards massage porn because of one main thing: all the clothes come off! I want to see the models completely naked from head to sexy toe.
2015-08-10 12:15
I agree with OB. More Bolster!!!
2015-08-06 09:54