A Bet Between Friends

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Video Description: Charlotte Stokely and Lily Adams are in Lily's bedroom. Charlotte asks Lily how the bet is going. Lily is sheepish. Looking away from her friend, she admits that she lost the bet. Lily! Yells Charlotte, hitting her with the pillow from the bed. Was Lily even going to tell her?? Of course she was, Lily responds, she was just embarrassed, she couldn't even go two weeks without going on a date with a guy. She just couldn't help herself. Well, was it worth it? Asks Charlotte, was the date even good? Is it ever good with boys, laughs Lily, of course it sucked, he barely paid attention to her the whole night, she finishes. And what about her, did she suck? Charlotte asks mischievously. Ewwww no, of course not, Lily says. Ok, well, it doesn't matter what you did on the date, Lily still lost the bet and she has to pay up. C'mon, Lily pleads, just give her one more chance! But Charlotte won't budge, a bet's a bet, after all. Ok, Lily relents. They agreed that the loser of the bet would massage the winner, so it's time for Charlotte's massage.

Charlotte faces away from Lily as Lily massages her. She remarks how good it feels to be a winner. Lily tells her to shut up playfully. The two friends are silent as Charlotte enjoys Lily's touch. She can't believe that guy barely paid attention to Lily, boys are so STUPID, Charlotte muses, breaking the silence. Looking back over her shoulder at Lily flirtatiously, Charlotte tells her that there's a way to avoid ALL the trouble that boys cause. But how?, Lily wonders, she doesn't want to be a virgin or just pleasure herself for the rest of her life. Charlotte clarifies that she means that Lily should stop dating boys and start dating...WOMEN.

Lily is surprised, telling Charlotte that she's never considered that before. Well, Charlotte says, here's something to consider: women notice the little things, they understand each other, women are softer, and most importantly, a woman knows what a woman WANTS. Lily's intrigued, but hesitant, since it would be something totally new to her.

Wait a minute, Lily says, thinking about something, is that how she managed to stay away from guys for two whole weeks, by hooking up with girls? Well, she doesn't have much interest in boys AT ALL, she's actually more attracted to women, so the bet was really easy for her, Charlotte responds. Lily is surprised, and doesn't know what to say. Charlotte turns around to face her, telling Lily that it's ok, she doesn't have to say anything at all. As she begins to caress Lily's bare legs, Charlotte tells her that as her best friend, she's someone that Lily can trust and...try new things with. The wide-eyed Lily asks Charlotte what kind of new things she's talking about. Charlotte gets even closer to Lily, whispering that she means things that are fun to do...between girls. She leans in, kissing Lily softly. Lily is hesitant, but kisses her friend back and their makeout session quickly becomes hotter and hotter.

Eager to show her friend more, Charlotte slips Lily's top off and gently kisses her perky tits. Lily moans, her nipples already hard. Before long, Lily's shorts are off and she's breathing heavily in anticipation as Charlotte lowers her face to her beautiful, bald pussy.

Charlotte's just getting started with Lily. But it's a safe bet that by the time she's done with her, Lily's going to forget ALL about boys.

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Outstanding. This film is very sensual with the beautiful Charlotte Stokely slowly, calmly, and seductively introducing the beautiful Lily Adams into true, physical love between two women. Charlotte and Lily have gorgeous, natural breasts and very hard nipples and cute, edible pussies and clean, lickible ass holes. Both ladies have unblemished bodies from shoulders to feet. Their orgasms are real and they enjoy getting each other off. You can sense their true enjoyment in being naked with each other. They are great together; and their pussy on pussy orgasms to close out the film is memorable. Their communication with each other is sexy and sincere. Way to go Charlotte and Lily and the entire AllGirlMassage staff.
2020-12-22 22:32
Lily and Charlotte together were so beautiful and passionate. I have watched this video so many times and still love it!
2020-08-10 11:41
The scissoring made me cum so hard again and again uggghh
2020-06-02 09:08
What a joy to see Lily Adams, & with Carlotte Stokely no less. The gentle, slow & tender seduction was as it should be all the time. Loving, thoughtful & an absolute masterclass in consent, how to ask for it & express it. Many thanks Bree for bringing Lily into the Gamma family. She deserves it. I'm so proud of you both. Now, this was just an amazingly well done film. Beautifully choreographed, wonderful photography. Billy's careful & sensual direction was literally stunning, allowing the girls to take their time with each other. Theeir chemistry just popped from the screen, andthe acting was utterly fabulous. Seemed so real. Maybe it was. Certainly seemed so most of the time. I'll stop now. Nobody likes a gushing lesbian. Unless she's squirting. lol
2019-11-26 19:19
I was in kind of a melancholy mood when I started watching, but now Im happy. By far one of the best seduction scenes I ever watched, incredible chemistry and twp really beautiful women
2019-11-10 13:17