2-For-1 Special

Video Description: Evelyn Claire is at work and bored. Her latest client canceled on her and now she has nothing to do! But as she laments to her fellow masseuse, Olive Glass, one of Olive's clients walk in.

Evelyn is immediately taken by how beautiful and bubbly Veronica Valentine is and, without warning Olive, insists that Veronica is the 69th customer! Because of that, Veronica gets a free massage done by BOTH of them at the same time! Although Olive is confused, she backs Evelyn and Veronica is all-too-excited to get her special massage.

Once Veronica is in the private room, Veronica eagerly strips down and makes herself comfortable. Evelyn and Olive are secretly delighted as they both massage her at the same time, gliding their hands sensually along Veronica's body. Veronica is delighted by all the attention, thinking that this is the best massage she's ever gotten.

By the time Evelyn and Olive feel up her ass, Veronica is feeling the heat. Evelyn and Olive exchange mischievous looks since that's exactly how they wanted Veronica to respond. That's when they finally offer a happy ending, which Veronica's all for!

It doesn't take long for things to get fiery as Evelyn and Olive strip down as well. Veronica is over the moon to have BOTH of the meticulous masseuses working her pussy with their tongues. Of course, she's going to do everything in her power to make sure the masseuses have their own happy endings, too!

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Its hard to disagree with other commenters - lesbian threesome can go awry with one player not quite in tune. I thought Evelyn's early pouting tone and low key participation would do the scene in. But Valentine and Olive carried the passion especially with Olive in the middle being pussy devoured while licking Valentines's succulent booty. So Evelyn was more than up for Olive and Valentines ample body ministrations -wow, it worked!
2021-05-25 17:51
user_24878771 DonH1*Doc*
BUSH, MORE BUSH! Love Olive and her natural bush and intense passion in this scene. I do agree it was a little uncomfortable with 3 on a small massage table, but like some prior said, "it's about the porn fantasy" and what's more of a fantasy than watching 3 hot ladies fuck?
2021-05-14 02:16
Outstanding. Three lovely women with attractive faces, breasts and nipples, pussies and butts and clean lick-able butt-holes. I liked the story line and Evelyn, Olive, and Veronica’s enthusiasm and ability to share each other well. I also like their contrasting skin complexion from pale to tanned. Their dark hair helped to accentuate the complexion contrast. Great pussy licking, rubbing, and eating and outstanding butt hole rimming. The film also featured good masturbating. I am not a fan of threesomes; but Evelyn, Olive, and Veronica made this threesome exciting because they share each other exceptionally well. The fact that all three have black hair added to their beauty…I am partial to brunettes and black hair ladies. What more could a man want to see than three cum-dripping-wet pussy orgasms. Evelyn, Olive, and Veronica have beautiful eyes and attractive, blemish free bodies. Their three sets of cute breasts each feature gorgeous, erect nipples. Ladies, for me you set a high bar for how to produce outstanding lesbian threesome films. Thanks.
2021-04-14 16:57
pity so much mouth is super borin!!!
2021-02-25 04:46
I've been waiting for Evelyn's first Massage scene. She didn't disappoint! Great skills, and I don't just mean the massage!
2020-11-07 23:54