MIA Masseuse

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Video Description: Silvia Saige is annoyed as she waits in the lobby of a massage parlor. When a second client, Ivy Lebelle, enters, Silvia informs her that the masseuse seems to be running late. They're both confused and a bit annoyed, though Ivy doesn't seem to be too bothered and Silvia is too polite to complain. However, Ivy's a regular there and knows the place well, so she suggests that they at least wait outside. When it's nice out, it's not uncommon to get massaged in the garden!

Once they're outside, the masseuse is still nowhere to be seen. Ivy sheepishly admits that the masseuse has flaked on her once or twice, probably because she's so busy... Silvia is disappointed by the news, fearing that the masseuse really isn't coming after all! However, Ivy insists that the masseuse has been mentoring her, so she's happy to give Silvia a massage. Although Silvia's surprised, she really does want a massage, so she agrees.

As Silvia strips down, she reveals that she isn't wearing panties, which intrigues and arouses Ivy. As Ivy massages Silvia, the heat building between them, she casually throws out there that there's a new technique where the masseuse straddles the client. It's supposed to REALLY help with getting deep in the tissue to relieve tension... Silvia is wise to Ivy's game as she grins to herself. Since Ivy's the one who trained under a professional, she knows best, right?

Of course, as soon as Silvia rolls over and Ivy straddles her, their lust is revealed as they dive in for a kiss. Surrounded by trees in the privacy of the garden, they're not shy as they explore each other's bodies and sink their tongues and fingers into each other's pussies. It looks like they both should be thankful that the masseuse bailed on them!

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Everything was great til the last few minutes. Both ladies are super hot. Ivy is frigging hot. Nice setting outside. The scissoring at the end was horrendous. Again its all thighs & knees shown....I didn't see one bit of pussy banging. As usual its Craven directing the scene and Ive seen a few of his videos where the tribbing is shit so obviously Craven has NO FUCKING IDEA how to film a trib sequence. This aint the 1st time & Im sure it wont be the last time. Get a clue dude on how to film it or stop trying to shoot tribbing sequences altogether cuz all you're doing is F'ing it up.
2020-01-06 01:46
Soleman 77
Can someone please explain to me why 21st Sextuary vids have a strict lickinng and fingering only policy ?
2020-01-01 15:35
i'd dress up as a Satyr for ivy lebelle and jessie lee
2019-11-27 04:56
Love Ivy’s dominance soo hot
2019-09-23 02:05
Uncle Teddy
This story was developing very nicely then Ivy hopped up on to the table massaged Silvia’s shoulders and asked if it was okay. Then Silvia said I thought you’d never ask and immediately started kissing Ivy!! WTF?!! Yes, they were getting on great and something sexual might take place - Ivy has slipped her black jeans off and is on the table massaging in the vicinity of Silvia’s breasts but there was no suggestion either is primed and ready to engage in kissing. I was shocked and disappointed. So either Director got impatient, editing is poor or they must have made a stronger connection that I missed. Point is it seemed abrupt and to me damaged the scene. Because apart from this - that amounted to only a few moments- both women looked gorgeous, the acting was assured and set up had been excellent. So in conclusion, my summary is this scene ended up good when it could have been sensational. Overall I feel let down because of some clumsy course the scene took when it could have been awesome.
2019-09-20 17:35