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More Kasey Please!!!!
2020-01-04 17:15
When I found her profile there were no comments, how can this be? Anyway, she's one of my favorite actresses. There are so many good things to say about her. However, the thing that stood out the most to me was her absolutely beautiful face. She's absolutely adorable. She can go from looking like the girl next door to beauty queen, but I like her looking more natural since I think she's got natural beauty on her own. Also, I've seen some behind the scenes videos of her, which I could see more of. She's cute but seems really honest about many things. I'd like to know more about her as a person. Until then, I will enjoy her natural slender beauty and her ability to act in diverse roles in different videos. Oddly enough, I first saw her in a non-adult video of her answering questions. Out of respect for the people who run this website I won't mention the studio that produced that video.
2019-02-02 22:23
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