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God Of Hard
Dear August, I will never forget you. I will Always Love You. Please, Be Happy Now. ❤⭐
2019-03-23 18:15
R.I.P. August my thoughts are with you. Fly with angels sweet one.
2019-01-06 22:16
This beautiful young lady took her life. It should be a sad and blatantly loud testimony to the truly destructive depravity of this industry that there is not and will not be any real monuments to her life, her personage or her death here in this place that she was lost. I truly hate the ugly truth of my sin and lust that has been apart of destroying so many lives, so many relationships, so much innocence defiled so much potential perverted. Lord God have mercy, repent, for the day of the Lord approaches.
2019-01-01 01:42
So sad, really tragic. I hope that some people are truly ashamed and repentant.
2018-01-16 10:37
The world has lost another shining star. From what I've read, she was as beautiful inside as she was outside. Say what you want about the profession she chose or the decisions she made about who she would work with, nobody deserves to be bullied to the point where they decide to end their own life. R.I.P. August, your friends, family and fans will miss you.
2017-12-21 15:57
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