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  • 2017-09-25
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Description : Tutor Brett Rossi is helping her student Cadence Lux study anatomy and physiology. Cadence is frustrated because she's trying to understand, but can't retain the information. She's overwhelmed with her tests and her rent, and the stress is giving her backaches and neck pain. Good thing Brett used to be a masseuse. She hikes up her skirt to prepare to massage Cadence. When Cadence sees Brett's black panties, she suggests they stick to the books, but Brett insists that a short study break and a massage will make it easier to absorb the lesson.

Cadence obediently takes off her top and lies on her stomach. Brett wants to use oil and makes Cadence take off her shorts so they don't get dirty. Brett massages her student's tight ass but it makes Cadence uncomfortable. To help her feel more at ease, Brett also gets undressed, except for her panties. She sits back down on Cadence's ass and proceeds to massage her, rubbing her big titties against her.

She slips off Cadence's panties and then her own, and slides along the backside of her body. Then she flips her over and soaks her soft skin with oil. She massages her pectorals and spreads her legs. Slowly she lowers down to face her pussy. Using her lesbian mouth, she makes her orgasm, saying it's the best form of relaxation. Brett climbs over Cadence and tribs her wet pussy. Cadence swivels around and licks Brett's clit, then Brett rides Cadence's tongue till she cums in her mouth. Brett fingers another orgasm from Cadence's sweet cunt!

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ready (user_21767480)
Cadence Lux back for nuru massage plz
2015-12-15 16:21
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